The Gaming in EU brand consists of three country subdivisions that need to look consistent throughout. They asked me to rebrand their individual country logos and create an umbrella logo to tie them together.  I was also asked to present a fresh minimalist template design which would carry across to the my design of their three country websites. Here's what I developed: 
Exchanging a rather bulky and dated logo for a fresher minimalist design, I tied the sub-brands together using a slightly condensed font and using the relevant country flag colours to individualise each logo.  In this way, the brand looks uniform, but each sub-brand becomes easily recognisable. The brands can now look good on web and print and the 'IN' section of each logo creates a great web favicon and social profile image.  
Technical details

Style: minimalist, bold and clean
Font: Alternate Gothic ATF (medium) with slight vertical adjustment
Elements: clean horizontal bars representing the colours of the country's or organisation's flag, creating a focal point on the central 'IN' segment. 
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