AI Process infographic
An infographic to share the stages an AI company go through to help companies improve their processes.
iPhone comparison infographic
This tech infographic shows the key features of iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8. It enables buyers to see the main differences at a glance.
Infographic guide to travel insurance
A visual way of informing travellers about travel insurance options and benefits.
Pre-Travel Holiday Checklist - Infographic
Full length tower infographic giving informative pre-travel tips. The infographic for a travel insurance company also acts as a downloadable checklist.
Infographic targeting AEC firms
Design, layout and illustration of an infographic to help architects, engineers and contractors prepare for client interviews.
Steps to effective networking tower infographic
Visualising a marketing company's top tips for networking effectively.
B2B Networking Infographic
Custom illustrations for a tower infographic on the subject of networking.
Healthy Learning for Business - Infographic
Design of infographic surrounding the subject of health at work.
Cost comparison infographic of Eastern Europe
Visualising travel and accommodation costs in five Eastern Europe cities. It compares prices for food and drink, transport and sleeping.
Football league winners by year infographic
A circular infographic representing Liverpool's English Football League wins - from the dominance of the 70s through the long anticipated wait for a Premier League title.
Informative gin and tonic infographic
This tower infographic provides info about different gin processes, flavours and origins.
Spanish architecture illustrations
Illustrations of the most impressive architectural feats found along the Camino de Santiago, a popular pilgrims walk in Spain.
Indian cuisine illustrations
Custom-made food illustrations to accompany an article on Indian cuisine.
World Water Day illustration
An illustration to bring attention to the importance of water.
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