Christmas travel banner
Creation of a gingerbread world map for a christmas banner used for social media posting and pages. Aimed at capturing the imagination of viewers with travel interests.
Havana Destination Video
Video about the city of Havana, Cuba with audio narrative. Features an insight into the Cuban city with photos and voiceover.
Gin and Tonic Infographic
Researched and designed for Coffee and Caminos lifestyle magazine. Provides info about the London Dry process, types of gins and their flavours and also tonics types.
Rio the record breaker
Animated infographic looking at records broken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - even before the Rio2016 Olympics.
Brazil infographic
With the 2016 Olympics coming up in Brazil, I created this infographic to pass on some interesting facts about the country that the audience may not be aware of. I researched to find the most interesting facts from reliable sources, created a layout and image idea mockup and finalised it using Adobe CC. It was then published on the www.content-suitcase website and shared on social media.
Eastern European Infographic
I researched and designed this infographic which relays the differences in price of Eastern European cities. I stylised the data to make it more appealing and easy to understand. I conducted the design process from draft and rough layout through to finalised artwork with Adobe CC. It was published on and shared on social media
Tips for first-time cruisers Infographic
Design and illustration of an infographic for first-time cruisers. I developed the copy and illustrated each point for the Content Suitcase travel company.
Cheese Rolling Event animated gif
Quirky animation to reflect the nature of the Cheese Rolling event held each year in the UK.
Social Media Holiday Images
Special holiday images to share on a marketing company's network.
Series of travel quotes
Series of travel quotes. Creating elements and typography with Illustrator. I used background images relevant to the travel theme and edited them with Photoshop. They were shared on social media.
Cinco De Mayo Animated Gif
Animated Gif created to share on social media to draw attention to the Mexican holiday day and therefore the travel content company.
Dark v Milk Chocolate facts infographic
Infographic looking at the differences between dark and milk chocolate. I researched the topic myself and created the structure and elements of the design.
Liverpool FC Infographic
After Liverpool just fell short of winning the premiership, the next season started to disappoint. This football infographic looks at what happened from one season to the next. Data research, infographic design and details all conducted by myself.
Oscars Predictions Infographic
This cinema infographic relays the probabilities of winners of The Oscars in Best Actress or Actor and Best film categories for the 2015 ceremony. I researched the odds and nominations, represented the findings in chart forms and stylised the infographic.
Lotnext Summit Landing Page and Video
Event registration landing page and video creation, for a corporate event in the city of Barcelona.
Optitravel logo
Example of a travel logo for a company whose model is based upon offering a variety of options to the customer.
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